Hey there!

I'm Stella Lee

My UX journey

I quit my 4-year retail job back in August 2019, went on a 1-week trip to Mexico, and came back to put all my focus in a UX boot camp. I finished my UX Immersion course in March 2020, though I continued working on my specialization course on front-end development until June.

I started gaining experience by volunteering with different nonprofit organizations, working with other designers and developers on redesigning websites and even creating a new web app (check out my B-STEM project on 'Others')! I also collaborated with other students on passion projects and design challenges (see 'YouTube Learning' or 'Groove').

I'm currently interning with two small startups, Redko and Fini, taking ownership of the end-to-end design from ideation to writing technical specifications for smooth developer handoff. With Fini close to shipping, I am looking for a new opportunity to continue developing my skillset.

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