My UX Journey

I quit my 4-year retail job back in August 2019, hopped on a flight to Mexico, and came back to put all my focus in an 8-month UX boot camp.

I finished my course right when the pandemic hit, so I used this time to volunteer with different nonprofit organizations, collaborate with other students on passion projects and design challenges, and intern with three different startups.

After landing a full-time internship with Superbolt in Dec 2020, I've since been promoted to junior UX designer and enjoy balancing multiple clients and projects!

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I love traveling and am a bit of an adrenaline-junkie.
If you want to go skydiving or parasailing, count me in!

Shown photos depict:
Vancouver, Canada | Osaka, Japan | Michoacan, Mexico | Palawan, Philippines | Hawaii, USA

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