I'm a UX/UI designer based in San Francisco.

For the past 3 years I've worked at small fast-paced startups, generally as the main UX designer. My most recent gig was with Superbolt working primarily with e-commerce clients, but I started my UX career working on native mobile apps!

I know a bit about coding, marketing, and copywriting and can talk KPIs and user behavior with my background in business and psychology.

Responsive web designs

Most web traffic nowadays is on mobile devices, so I tend to prioritize the mobile experience and make that responsive across devices.

Data analysis

 I've conducted my fair share of audits across industries  and can make data-driven decisions to improve KPIs for any website.

Landing page strategy

Did you know that 50% of users close their tab if they haven't seen anything interesting in the first half of a page?

I can design and build quick A/B tests for your preferred platform, be it Shopify, Unbounce, or Webflow.