👋 Hi, my name is
Stella Lee

Junior UX Designer at Superbolt based in Orange County, CA.

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Superbolt internship

Superbolt templates

I designed the templates that Superbolt uses when building client site maps and responsive website pages.

Website audits

I was in charge of 10+ client audits, analyzing the data from Google Analytics, heat maps, and user recordings, and compiling recommendations for clients.

Website mockups

I have worked with multiple clients to design web pages, emails, illustrations, and even video ads.

Some live pages I worked on:

Previous projects

Video is of a 10-minute presentation and should start at 19:23

2-week design challenge — Sept 2020


I collaborated with other UX/UI designers to create a dance learning platform with AR.

Tools: Figma, Mira, Trello, Optimal Workshop, Whimsical

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Youtube Learning

Team project — JUN 2020

YouTube Learning

Design a learning platform hosted on YouTube that creates impactful learning experiences for anyone who wishes to learn.

Tools: Figma, Mira

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Curology overview

Personal project — MAR 2020


I designed the mobile app for an existing skincare service to enhance the mobile experience.

Tools: Adobe XD, Optimal Workshop

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InkTank overview

Course project — FEB 2020


I designed a tattoo mobile application for users to learn about tattoo styles and discover local tattoo artists near them.

Tools: Balsamiq, Figma, Optimal Workshop, Usability Hub

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