Nice to e-meet you! 👋

I'm a UX/UI Designer that creates intuitive, data-based solutions.

I've worked with a number of startups for the past 3 years, so I can be scrappy if you need me to be! I also have basic HTML/CSS knowledge and know my way around Webflow and Shopify/Shopify Plus, so I'm great with developers and e-commerce clients 😉

UX Design

DEN Outdoors

Redesigned homepage and product page to increase product education, reduce bounce rates, and improve retention rates.

UX Design

Dieux Skin

Led full site redesign, increasing conversion rates and lowering bounce rates.

UX Design

Saie Beauty

Led full site redesign and continued to support client with strategy, effectively increasing conversion rate and average order value.

UX Design + Webflow

Diversity Marketing Consortium

Led full site redesign and Webflow build to improve conversion tracking.

About me
I have a degree in business and psychology and have worked closely with 30+ clients through startup agencies.

While most of my work is in the e-commerce space, I've also worked on a few mobile apps and web platforms!

My UX journey

Other clients I've worked with

Le Prunier

Dawn Levy



Beauty Pie


Harmless Harvest




Bravo Sierra

Snow Days


Fab Habitat