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This is a collection of my 2019-2020 work from internships, passion projects, design challenges, and UX courses

Internship experience
Coded portfolio overview

Internship — Dec 2020


Sole UX/UI designer for a new iOS app to help people keep track of personal and team goals

Tools: Figma, Adobe After Effects, Origami, LottieFiles

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Coded portfolio overview

Internship — Dec 2020


Multiple projects, with two apps launched: Redvest (an investment app that was a team effort) and Tango! (an invitation app that was a solo assignment)

Tools: Figma, Adobe XD

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Personal projects & Coursework

Video is of a 10-minute presentation and should start at 19:23

2-week design challenge — Sept 2020


Collaboration with 3 other UX/UI designers to create a dance learning platform with AR

Tools: Figma, Mira, Trello, Optimal Workshop, Whimsical

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Youtube Learning

Team project - Apr 2020

YouTube Learning

Designed a learning platform hosted on YouTube that creates impactful learning experiences

Tools: Figma, Mira

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Personal project - mar 2020


Designed the mobile app for an existing skincare service to enhance the mobile experience

Tools: Adobe XD, Optimal Workshop

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Course project - Feb 2020


Designed a tattoo mobile application for users to learn about tattoo styles and discover local tattoo artists near them

Tools: Balsamiq, Figma, Optimal Workshop, Usability Hub

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Other work without case studies


B-STEM (under NDA)

Designed a new web app targeted towards high school students with 3 other UX designers

hackforla wins page


Helped redesign the website with 2 other UX designers

adobe xd challenges

Adobe Challenges

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